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Things to do?

Our guests often come to El Dalmau looking for relax and tranquillity but some others also ask us what they can do during their stay.

For this reason we want to offer you some suggestions to do that you can enjoy either at El Dalmau or using the house as base-camp to get to know the county’s charms in an active way whilst enjoying the excitement in contact with nature.


We recommend you to confirm the activities at the same time you book the house or at least a week prior to the arrival, otherwise we may not be able to guarantee the availability of our guide.

Once the booking is over, we will contact you to schedule the activies.

List of activities

A cart ride around El Dalmau

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30 min. Prize : 40€ / 1 h. Prize : 60€

Enjoy a pleasant cart drive, as our ancestors used to do no so long ago. The slow rhythm will let you savour the nature quietness, the countryside colours, the forest...

The cart offers room for 3 adults and 2 small children, though in any case children are not allowed to ride on their own.

Enjoy an hour tour, or, if a group, you can split it into two half hour tours so that all the group can enjoy it.

La Chula, a very quiet Hispanic-Arabian horse pulls the cart.

A cart ride around El Dalmau

Wine tasting

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Duration 1:30h. Prize : 80€

This wine tasting wants to approach you to the world of the wine in an entertaining way.
First it will introduce you to the wine making process, grape varieties and different types of wine, and after that it will deal with practical tips such as wine serving, temperature and conservation.
All this necessary introduction will lead you into the game of sensory examination while tasting a glass of wine to perceive its colour, flavours, aromas and general characteristics.

You will taste 5 different wines that share three common characteristics, all of them come from three Catalan DO, are of good quality and come from small wine producers.

Miquel Rusiñol, professor of sensory test, and a wine passionate will be your wine tasting teacher.

Wine tasting

Begginer level guided Horse riding

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Duration 1 h.

This activity is suitable for complete beginners and novices upwards. Previous knowledge about horse riding is not a requirement. Before riding, you will receive the basic lessons so that you enjoy a quiet excursion.
This activity is for small groups that will be always accompanied by an experienced instructor and fully equipped with the correspondent safety elements.

During the trail, along wide paths that make riding easy, you will discover the great landscape of La Plana de Vic. The horses that go on this trail are quiet and this will help you to enjoy the trail and keep good memories.
This activity will be done at Centre de Doma, located 18km away from el Dalmau

Begginer  level guided Horse riding

Pony riding in el Dalmau

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Children from 3 to 12 / 1 hour activity

We propose you a very different activity with which children will have lots of fun and parents will keep nice memories.
First of all children approach to the pony world by grooming the pony and fastening the saddle in order they gain confidence.

After that, fully equipped with safety elements and with the company of an instructor, they will learn the basic lessons riding around the house and among the forest. These ponies are used to children, as they come from the children equestrian school Ponicat.

Pony riding in el Dalmau

Guided Walk . Easy level

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Distance : 7,28Km / About 1h 30min

This is the shortest and easiest walk. With soft ascents, it will let you discover our nice landscape around.
Most of the trail runs inside the farm, among forest and fields, and takes us to Muntanyola stream. On the way back the trail passes by our old oven for baking roof tiles.

Frederic Tormo, forester and member of the Natural history section of Institut d’Estudis Catalans, will be your guide. He is also a children instructor.

Guided Walk . Easy level

Guided walk - Mid grade

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Distance : 9 Km.

Compared to the other suggested routes, this one is mid grade if we take into account distance, ascent and tiredness. It takes us to the nearest town, Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer, combining landscape with rural traditions.
The trail goes along Muntanyola stream down to the town. Then it goes towards Meder stream, heads to a place called “Costes Males” where we will have superb views, and finally back to El Dalmau, mostly, along the same path we had been following.

Frederic Tormo, forester and member of the Natural history section of Institut d’Estudis Catalans, will be your guide. He is also a children instructor.

 Guided walk  - Mid grade

Guided walk. Mid-high level

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Distance : 14,42Km.

This route is the longest one and offers some nice slopes. It is not suitable for beginners.
It allows us get to know some of the most charming spots surrounding El Dalmau. The trail goes through forests, fields and among some masies and heads up to the chapel of Sant Sebastià (declared Patrimoni cultural d’interès nacional), where we will find superb views over the Plain of Vic.

On the way back to El Dalmau we will pass through Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer.
Frederic Tormo, forester and member of the Natural history section of Institut d’Estudis Catalans, will be your guide.

 Guided walk. Mid-high level


Open Close
Duration 2h.

Price: 2-3 people: 25€ each
Price: 4-9 people: 20€ each
kids : 15€

Archery is a funny activity to enjoy together with friends or family and is suitable for children over 6 year.
Previous experience is not necessary, as if so, the activity will start with some lessons about the basics, safety rules and some practice to learn a basic shooting technique.

Afterwards you will start at the beginner tour with 3D animal shapes. All necessary equipment for each person attending will be provided and a qualified coach will be with you throughout the tour and will help you to enjoy shooting your first arrows.
This activity takes place at the archery centre Vall Llobera at Muntanyola, only 15 minutes away from El Dalmau, offering nice views to el Montseny


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