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El Dalmau


El Dalmau is a beautiful, secluded and quality-assured self-catering cottage set amid magnificent Catalan scenery in the heart of Catalonia, near the attractive and historical town of Vic and not so far from the coast (East), Barcelona (South), the Pyrenees (North) and Montserrat (South).

Located among wheat fields and surrounded by woods of beech, pine and oaks, some of them more than one hundred years old, with panoramic views to the snowy Pyrenees in winter, in an area of truly outstanding natural beauty.

El Dalmau is a typical Catalan rural house, that is a Masia, with a long history, referenced in historical documents as early as 1213, though it must be from earlier times as it shows parts with the construction system known as opus spicatum or fishbone on some of its walls.

Adjacent there is the church from the 12th century in a very good condition, with worship. It is possible to celebrate marriages in it.

Very close to El Dalmau, there are two tile ovens, also in good condition, that are thought they were made for the purpose during the building of the house.

El Dalmau occupies a peaceful position in the centre of a 230-acre still with farming works.

Next to the house there is one of El Dalmau’s jewels, the old pond, filled with the water coming from the mountain that piped reaches the source in front of the pond. This source is one of the three most pure waters in the county.

El Dalmau has passed down from generation to generation in our family. Get into the house means travelling back in time and discover our ancestors’ steps in each corner.

The thick walls, the antique corners and all the details that have appeared to us during its restoration show the numerous enlargements and its different architecture styles suffered during the last centuries. El Dalmau still keeps today the oak beams, the stone floors, age-old doors and windows and antique furniture from other times, that help us to understand our history.



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